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Art Work is a newspaper that consists of writings and images from artists,
activists, writers, critics, and others on the topic of working within
depressed economies and how that impacts artistic process, compensation and
artistic property.

The newspaper will be distributed for free at sites and from people throughout
the United States and Puerto Rico, and will also be available soon from Half
Letter Press for the cost of postage.

The 40-page newspaper features the writings, images, and work of Julia
Bryan-Wilson, Holland Cotter, Tim Kerr, Nance Klehm, Harrell Fletcher,
Futurefarmers, Robin Hewlett, Nicolas Lampert, Lize Mogel, Dan S. Wang, Gregory
Sholette, Dylan A.T. Miner, Christina Ulke and Marc Herbst of the Jouranl of
Aesthetics & Protest, OurGoods, Chris Burden, Scott Berzofsky, John Duda,
InCUBATE, Linda Frye Burnham, ILSSA, Cooley Windsor, Brian Holmes, Nick Tobier,
Lolita Hernandez, Stacy Malasky, Nate Mullen, Aaron Timlin, Harold Jefferies,
W&N, Damon Rich, Teaching Artist Union, FEAST, 16 Beaver Group, W.A.G.E., Chris
Kennedy, Nato Thompson, Carolina Caycedo, Guerrilla Art Action Group, Anthony
Elms, Adam Trowbridge, Jessica Westbrook, and many other artists, art workers,
curators, interns, volunteers, writers, and activists.


The web site portion of this project, at, will feature free
downloads of the newspaper in many versions for different kinds of readers,
including a print version meant for teachers to print and distribute to
students, and an e-book version for viewing on digital reading devices.

The website will also host discussions around the themes of the paper and a ton
of work that the 40-page print couldn’t fit! There will also be documentation
from the events and exhibitions nationwide that are planned in conjunction with
this project. We invite you to use this newspaper as an exhibition, to host a
discussion, to program an event, or just write in with your thoughts at


*Before Temporary Services & SPACES finished their print run, our friend (and
Art Work contributor) Caroline Woolard used her participation in the Amsterdam
Biennale 2009 at the Mediamatic organization to print even more copies, and
bring them to Amsterdam! More information is here:

Copies of the paper are at Mediamatic from November 14 - December 13, 2009. A
few "rogue" copies made their way into some of our New York City contributors'
hands before Caroline took off for the Netherlands...

*The Bureau for Open Culture, an exhibition space at the Columbus (Ohio)
College of Art and Design, curates an even-smaller space, the "Agency for Small
Claims". Thanks to the quick work of James Voorhies at the Agency, you'll be
able to view and pick up copies of the newspaper in Columbus starting November
23, 2009
. Check out more information on this at

*Skydive Gallery (and several individual artists) in Houston, Texas, will be
stocking copies of the newspaper for you to pick up, as soon as we get copies
out to them! Information on Skydive is here:

Also, Domy Books (with the help of our friend Kate Watson) will be a
distribution hub and are planning a future event.

*More cities and towns that people have committed to distributing in are
Anchorage, Alaska, Bennington, Vermont, and San Diego, California. Temporary
members will of course have newspapers to distribute in our home
cities of Urbana and Chicago, Illinois. There are many others, and we will keep
an updated list of points of distribution at

You can download a copy of the newspaper itself at Be aware that
this is a 17 MB, hi res version meant for printing as a newspaper. We will soon
have links to a variety of versions to download and/or print, including an
ebook version, at


As you can see, we are still looking for commitments from venues and/or people
that can be distribution points for us? Those who distribute commit to
receiving a number of newspapers in the mail that they will then give to people
in their towns and networks to read and discuss.

Venues - are you interested in programming a future event or exhibition at your
space using our newspaper as the catalyst? It could last a few hours to a few
weeks! Contact us at

Thanks for your support of our work!
Brett, Marc, and Salem
Temporary Services

PO Box 121012
Chicago, IL 60612

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