Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2007 •COMA 13: Heatwave! in colaboration with EC Brown, Chicago, Illinois.

2007 • COMA 13: Heatwave! in colaboration with EC Brown, Chicago, Illinois.

Hot Mix

MP3 Mix Index

Alexander Stewart

Just a Little Love Affair (89 MB): Soul/crunk/psych/funk summer breaks mix

Anthony Elms

El Calor Emputece (78 MB): Percussive music from the Carribean and Brazil (MP4 files).

Bert Stabler

New Deutsch (90 MB): Comp. of German New Wave

Brian Taylor

Hot Mix (127 MB): Jorge Ben, Mystical and other stuff.

Bruce Neal

Being One Thing and Becoming Something Else (141 MB): Miscellaneous

Carl Warnick

Hot and Rough Summer (52 MB): Miscellaneous, lots of pop

Catie Olson

Come to the Sabbat (7 MB): Classic from Black Widow, and Catie's film sdtk

Chris Uphues

I Lost My Death's Head (3 MB): A single short track on acoustic guitar

EC Brown

Bangin hardhouse mix (91 MB): From my 1997 WCRX "Mix at 6" cassettes
Summer Chores (170 MB): All vintage music from blogs: heavy psych, garage, rockabilly, folk, and Brigitte Fontaine

Erik Wenzel

The Dreams in Which I'm Dying Are the Best I've Ever Had (111 MB)

Flan -

Squamata (47 MB): Abstract electronics inspired by reptilian movements. From a collective in Puerto Rico. W&N - Jose Tomas

Frank Pollard

80's Hardcore (78 MB)

Jacob Christopher

Hot Mix (57 MB): TV theme music

(Oddio Overplay)

Sun-Drenched (160 MB): Sun themes, migrating from electronica to guitars.
Live for the Sun (99 MB): Sunny, upbeat music to counteract a flooded home, broken AC, and airport security.
Carnaval no salão (30 MB): Brazilian carnaval music, released 1966.

Keith Teleki

Sweltering Sounds for Baby (185 MB): Baby/nursery-related sounds, experiments and music for his radio show (he's a new dad this summer).

Rob Ray/

Put Me Out (30 MB): Ghetto house and electro mix

Music inspired on Squamata moves.
made in Puerto Rico 2007
collaboration W&N and Jose Tomas


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