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2007 •EXERCISE 1: Evident & Invisible Interactions. Cuated by Kristine Serviá.

2007•EXERCISE 1: Evident & Invisible Interactions. Cuated by Kristine Serviá.

Evident & Invisible Interactions

Synopsis:Exercise 1 is a project that intends to create a visual dialogue between distant groups through correspondence exchange. For this exercise, the dialogue takes place between a group located in the Caribbean and a group located in North America.


Everyday life flows in a constant reciprocity. There are instances where exchanges through interactions are evident, planned, and other moments when they appear subtle, indistinct, and invisible. Exercise 1 draws from both situations (evident and invisible interactions).

The projects’ intention is to create a parenthesis, an exchange of random items between the groups. In addition, the exercise alludes to one of the laws of motion, affirming:

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” – Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

In Exercise 1 the presence of this reciprocal motion is essential.

1. The action of giving

2. The action of receiving

3. The reaction to what has been recieved.

Elements to make EXERCISE 1:

1. A group of individuals from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

2. A group of individuals from Chicago, Illinois.

3. Equal number of people in both groups.

4. One contact person in each group (location), in charge of sending the package.

Note 1: Thinking about intentions exchange, distance, frontiers, language, translations, among others…
Note 2: Individuals donate, intervene, and document.

Deadlines: Posted at the end of this page.

Initial Contact: Each individual, in both groups, makes “a tangible piece”, taking in consideration the idea of the exercise as a thematic suggestion. It is important to consider the size and weight of your piece in small format, in order for the final package to be economical.


Gathering: Once everyone (in both groups) has finished their pieces the contact person in each location will be in charge of gathering and packaging all the objects.

Sending: The contact person must go to the post office with the sealed package to get shipping estimate. Following, the contact person will meet with the group and arrange to collect the cost. The shipping cost will be shared among the group.


Sending Simultaneously: Both the contact person in San Juan, and in Chicago, will send the package in the mail on the same day.

Receiving Simultaneously: The contact person will receive the package at both locations. The package will be opened when all in each group are present.

Random Repartition: In both locations, on the same day (time), in the presence of all individuals participating, the package will be opened. Once opened the group will decide how to randomly distribute the items among them.


Documentation 1: In both groups, all individuals should photograph the original item received/selected.

REACTION: Subjectively, each individual will then react to the object/item received in the way they feel is best.

Documentation 2: In both groups, all individuals should photograph the altered/intervened object. The contact person should then gather copies of each individual’s documentation and resend it.

*The project EXERCISE 1 ends when each group receives evidence that the objects they sent where looked at, touched, or intervened.


Conclusion: The project “EXERCISE 1” is effective with or without an exhibition. Both groups should agree to publicly exhibit the evidence of the dialogue once finished.

Evidence & Exhibition: Once the exercise has concluded, each group should have equal amounts of objects and photographs as evidence of the visual dialogue. This material can be publicly exhibited as the interaction.


Karlo Ibarra
Nora Maite Nieves
Rosemarie Perea
Abdiel Segarra
Javier Nicolau-López
Raquel Quijano
Michelle Miner
Elsa Melendez
Diego de la Cruz
Omar Obdulio Peña Forty
( _________________ )


Syniva Whitney
Jason Gabriel
Carla Duarte
Julie Krause
Young Cho
Michael Milano
Madeleine Primavera Bailey
Ye Sueng
Annie Egleson
Alison Rhoades
Kristine Serviá
Anndell Qintero

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